Vehicle Arrestor

The Vehicle Arrestor provides access control as a reduced risk vehicle barrier. Massive energy absorption and “give” occurs upon impact, versus impacting a fixed and rigid bollard, wedge, or jersey barrier. This system deploys in less than 2 seconds from below the pavement’s surface spanning more than 250 feet.

This highly anticipated Vehicle Arrester is a non-lethal device used to safely “catch” and stop any category of vehicle up to and including a 15,000 pound truck traveling at speeds of 50 mph. Unlike other anti-incursion devises on the market, The vehicle arrestor will cause minimal damage to the vehicle or injury to passengers.

Retractable Vehicle Arrester resembles a large net that when deployed manually or automatically by a speed sensor, springs from the ground to immediately catch, cradle and arrest an oncoming vehicle while safely bringing it to a controlled stop. Unlike traditional cement barriers and imbedded vertical bar installations, Retractable protection device—unless deployed in an emergency situation—is installed below ground so it does not impede routine traffic or detract from the aesthetics of the surrounding area. Beneficiaries of this solution might include: military bases, oil refineries, nuclear power plants and other critical infrastructure that require multi-layered and robust perimeter security solutions.

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