SVS 1000 Multi Sensing Transducer

SVS 1000 PIDS is a system designed to detect attempted intrusion through a perimeter fence. The vibration sensors fasten to the fence fabric and detect vibrations caused by climbing the fence or by cutting through it. This system is particularly easy to install. It is supplied with the sensors assembled on the cables and ready for mounting. Installation can be in any degree plane with virtually no loss of sensitivity. The sensors can be individually adjusted for sensitivity. Sensors are made from a special high-resistant long-lasting plastic that requires very little maintenance. The built-in filter can distinguish between real and false alarms (average of less than 4 false alarms per month per kilometer [0.62 miles] of fence).


  • The system does not require field Boxes, processors or power for sites up to about 1.5 Km.

  • The system does not require a processor at all and can be plugged in directly into the control hub (or computer).

  • The SVS 1000 provide alarm resolution of 3m rather than up to 100m in other systems.

  • The same sensors can act as Magnetic sensors, guard tour notification sensors and temperature sensors.

  • There is no orientation requirement for the sensor unlike other systems where the sensor has to be levelled and adjusted.

  • Omni-Directional installation on any infrastructure.

  • Decentralize processing – very low FAR and high resolution settings capability.

  • Cost effective.

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