High Security Fence

This high security mesh fence is manufactured especially for the security industry. It is widely used for its strength, appearance and anti-climb/anti-attack profile.

Features & Benefits

  • Designed to bring maximum perimeter protection to a site without impeding visibility.

  • Extremely difficult to penetrate using conventional hand tools for cutting the mesh and makes mesh panel almost impossible to grip, thus climb.

  • Non-aggressive appearance with pleasant aesthetics.

  • Tamper proof fixings assure that panels cannot be removed from the attack side.

  • Design of the system is such that, system requires no fabrication work on the site, factory finish is maintained while installation.

  • Completely modular system hence can be removed & shifted as per requirement.

  • Fast & accurate installation; approx 2 km in a month


High Security Fence is the ideal solution for any high security sites and areas which require more protection against intentional intrusion. It finds use in high security areas like – Military & Para Military establishments, Airports, Nuclear Plants, Oil and Gas facilities, chemical plants etc.


  • Made of galvanized steel wire in an aperture configuration of 76.2 mm vertical 12.7 mm horizontal pitch.
  • Less than 9 mm opening between horizontal wires.
  • Electrical resistance welding at each intersection.
  • Single powder coating of 60-80 micron.
  • Double powder coating of 120-150 micron.
  • Commercial grade galvanizing – 40 gm/sq meter.
  • Wire tensile strength 450-600 Mega Pascal (MPA)
  • Cost effective and cutting-edge technology.
  • Almost no maintenance for approx 10 yrs.
  • Product confirms the international lab test conditions of 1000 salt spray hrs
riteichzHigh Security Fence