Radescan RASTR Radar

Radescan RASTR (RAdio Scanner of TRacks) is digital active coherent solid-state short-range radar. RASTR is a totally electronic device without mechanical moving parts. Detection is provided in all weather conditions and at any time of day. RASTR is designed for the initial detection and continuous observation of moving objects over extensive open areas. The tracking information may be used by the operator for the software creation of security zones and guard perimeters, and for the manual or automatic positioning of video or infrared cameras for further object recognition and observation. Note: It is also possible to detect the tracks of airborne objects (e.g., aircraft, large flocks of birds) in the operating sector and inside the evaluation beam.


  • Low (cell phone-level) radiated emission.

  • All-weather operation.

  • Easy to install and maintain.

  • Ultra-high reliability.

  • Low power consumption and safe supply voltage (DC 12V), with ability to operate from solar batteries.

  • High detection probability with ultra-rapid output information update and rapid new track detection.

  • Low false alarm rate with adaptive algorithms for clutter suppression of flora, or waves on water surface.

  • Object-type identification.

  • Long distance detection with programmable detection zones.


RASTR is intended for use in the detection of moving objects over extensive open areas, and the tracking of their movement, in real-time mode. The types of areas and objects are:

  • Land surfaces (persons moving purposefully in upright position, animals, vehicles, etc.)
  • Water surfaces (scooters, boats, ships, etc.)

RASTR’s output consists of information related to detected objects’ tracks. For each tracked object, this data includes:

  • object type
  • RCS (radar cross-section)
  • range
  • azimuth
  • radial velocity
  • tangential velocity

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