Seismic Sensors

The system consists of a wired array of buried underground sensors connected to the Processor via an array network and used for communication, regulating and alerting. Sensor arrays are connected to the overall system management for user interface and system management tasks. This is the first time that a seismic concept, able to successfully detect an intruder without the need for line-of-sight, has been introduced to contend with and improve upon, a legacy system which has been known for the past 50 years.

Features & Benefits

  • Identifies, locates, differentiates and classifies surface perimeter intrusion and underground activity – e. g. digging or movement – in passageways and tunnels

  • Deception proof – passive system; cannot be easily detected or bypassed

  • Is cost-efficient, easy to install and operate

  • Ultra-low FAR

  • Novel 3D seismic sensors

  • Event positioning capabilities

  • Local processing – bottleneck free

  • Built-in self-test

  • Seamless upgrade to portable system

  • Minimal calibration

  • Weatherproof and rugged – withstands rain, wind and temperature changes

  • Dynamic array deployment

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