Taut Wire

Taut Wire Intrusion Detection System is a state-of-the art development in perimeter intrusion detection. It combines a physically deterrent barrier and a sophisticated detection system to offer one of the most effective ways to provide perimeter security of the highest integrity. Taut Wire fencing is the ideal solution for any facility perimeter where an aggressive visual deterrent and physical barrier is required as it is resilient to tough environmental conditions.

Taut Wire Intrusion Detection Systems is based on the traditional concept that revolutionized the perimeter security market by combining a true physical barrier with highly reliable intrusion detection in one cost-effective solution. Taut Wire Intrusion Detection Systems have established a solid reputation for successfully detecting and preventing perimeter intrusion and escape attempts while maintaining the lowest false alarm and nuisance rates available in the marketplace today. Taut Wire Systems are currently in use worldwide – in all terrains and environmental conditions.

Taut wire is applied to a wire fence in various configurations. The horizontal taut wires are fixed to the sensors that are mounted in a sensor post in the center of the zone. The sensors are high-voltage insulated. Sensor management and environmental compensation is managed by individual microprocessors.

When the taut wires are deflected, the corresponding sensors will be mechanically deflected, resulting in a change in electrical potential. The change in electrical potential is transferred to the algorithm processing system. The system will signal an alarm condition if the change exceeds preset detection limits.

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