Buried RF Cable

The main benefit of buried intrusion detection systems is the fact that they are invisible and are therefore difficult to defeat. We have different technologies to suit different sites using differential pressure and radio frequency techniques to match virtually any terrain and perimeter configuration. Programmable zones, low maintenance and precise detection mean that these systems can provide high levels of security but remain covert. In some applications two systems are combined to create an extremely stable, sensitive external perimeter detection system for the highest security sites.

Features & Benefits

  • Pre determined frequency is being transmitted in a steady rate, once any object enters the invisible detection field, a signal interruption is being registered and alarm is triggered.

  • RF cables can be buried underground, embedded in concrete and suspended above ground.

  • RF system can use either cable to cable transmission which requires a large, normally uninterrupted space in order to be effective, or, a cable to antenna transmission to allow larger detection areas to be covered with less physical area to be used.

  • Due to system sensitivity, RF is normally installed and suggested in areas where any movement in the area of detection would be considered as an intrusion or a threat.

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