Chain Link Fence

Chain link fence is one of the most traditional and versatile form of wire fencing. It's a fence whose fabric is made out of woven wire forming a diamond (rhombus to be precise) shaped mesh. In different colors it blends well with its surroundings.

Features & Benefits

  • Flexible fence fabric makes it easier for installation on ground.

  • Easy to install on uneven terrain or steep slopes.

  • A cost efficient system


In lighter gauge and bigger mesh sizes it is suitable for residential and business areas such as swimming pools, parks, gardens, residential building perimeter, demarcation in ware houses, schools, hospitals, etc.
In heavier gauge and smaller mesh sizes, it is often used in areas which require more protection against intentional intrusion,


  • Wire diameter ranging from 1.6mm to 5mm
  • Mesh size varying from 25mm to 100mm.
  • Zinc coating from 40gsm to 366gsm.
  • Galvanized finish or PVC coated finish.
  • Heights from 0.8mtrs to 5mtrs.
  • Compacted or un-compacted rolls.

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