Security Gates

Slingshot is in a position to offer wide variety of security gates to suit requirements of a project. It can be a one off gate or a gate to be integrated with the perimeter fence, where the gate construction is done in such a way that fence and gate blend into each other. This adds immensely to the aesthetic appeal of the whole construction.
There are several design considerations before deciding upon the gate design which fulfil the project requirements –whether it should be a sliding, single swing, double swing, telescopic or should there be a small pedestrian gate built inside a large industrial gate. What are the security requirements, should there be an access control, or the gate should be motorised or manual and more such consideration. Slingshot has answer and solutions for all requirements.
We supply powder coated over hot dip galvanised steel section gates, which ensures very long life and cost effectiveness over stainless steel gates.

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